Thrive Yoga Studios serve their communities through equipping humanity with enriched practices and the tools people need to live meaningful, expressive, joyous lives.


Thrive Yoga is a more than a small town yoga studio! We are a people-centric organization; we lead with our hearts and we VALUE COMMUNITY.

  • We Take Care of One Another
  • We Normalize Making Healthy Decisions. 
  • We Believe in People Over Principles. 
  • We Know That The Most Important Yoga is the Yoga Done Off of The Mat
  • We Take Ownership.
  • We Can Guaranty Yoga!
  • We Always Keep It Real!
  • We Want to Change the Outcome Through An Elevated Consciousness

yoga is essential

The pace of living in America has increased exponentially and the expectations to be a “productive” citizen are relentless. There are fewer opportunities to slow down, unplug, and experience stillness of the mind. The mental pressures are translating into physical ailments where more and more Americans are suffering from anxiety and depression. Fewer people feel that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help themselves. This has led to many issues such as statistically-frightening, failed relationships and even more devastating epidemics such as the opioid crisis and increased suicide rates across the nation.

We feel this is an obvious outcry for help and that is why we have structured our studios to be less like fitness facilities and more like wellness sanctuaries. The healing properties of yoga have existed for over 2,000 years and our mission is to stay true to the roots of a traditional practice. When you enter a Thrive Studio, it feels pure, free of distraction, and inviting to all. In Thrive Yoga Classes, our teachers aim to be like facilitators and educators and less like exercise instructors. We focus on how the practices of mindfulness, movement, and living yoga (taking the lessons from class off the mat and into the world) can solve larger global issues that create adversity and destruction.

We are creating a culture and lifestyle around conscious well-being. This shifts the perception of yoga from a luxury part of self-care to a necessary part of mental health, physical wellness, and emotional prosperity. If we are doing our job correctly, we are showing people the value of self-study and and therefore fostering life-long students.

Meet Our Team

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Brittany Phelps

Thrive Yoga Founder & Owner of Thrive Yoga Summit

Brittany has an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors. She is an avid runner, skier, mountain biker, and dirt biker. Brittany is fanatic about integrating the principles of yoga in all of her adventures including her businesses. Brittany took on Thrive Yoga Crested Butte in 2017, added a second location in CB South the same year, and another studio in Fruita in 2018. She has since found devoted owners for the Crested Butte & Fruita studios and is now focusing on furthering the mission of Thrive Yoga and launching the newest Thrive Yoga studio in Silverthorne, CO. 

The secret behind Thrive Yoga's success is a commitment to Conscious Entrepreneurship. Brittany teaches and mentors other yogis and aspiring entrepreneurs about elevate their impacts and live into their highest potential through her Prana-Prenuers Conscious Business Mentorship Program. She enjoys staying active in her local business community and seeing the difference that yoga and conscious entrepreneurship practices can make.



Thrive Yoga Crested Butte Logo
Thrive Yoga Crested Butte logo
Adge Lindsey

Adge Lindsey

Owner Thrive Yoga Crested Butte & Wellness In Motion

Adge Marz Lindsey has an ever-growing love for movement that tends to be contagious! At age 2, Adge started her dance studies in Philadelphia without knowing the huge impact it would have on her life! Through dance, she has traveled, performed, written and directed shows, created dance companies and successfully led a movement school for more many years. Powerfully, she also found yoga and endeavored her first certification more than 19 years ago. The connection between yoga and dance deeply roots in her soul. Whether you join her for vinyasa, aerial yoga, dance or adaptive classes, Adge always lends a deep sense of respect, safety, knowledge and a solid workout! Her 15+ years of teaching is supported by 350 hours of yoga certifications, physically integrated dance studies, and a Master’s degree in special education that shines through her inclusive classes. Adge is also a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer whose leadership exudes empowerment and thoughtfulness. Through her retreat training journeys in Central America, she shares wisdom and wellness across cultures.  Adge is simply on a mission to spread light and love around the world through movement!
Thrive Yoga Fruita logo
Thrive Yoga Fruita Logo
Erika Toebaas

Erika Toebaas

Owner of Thrive Yoga FruitaTru Wellness Colorado

Physician of East Asian Medicine, L.Ac, LMT, L.Cos, Mstom & 

Erika is a Physician of East Asian Medicine, implementing traditional medicine with other modalities such as craniosacral, reiki, massage, essential oils, yoga & aesthetics to help bring your physical, mental, & emotional body back into balance & wellness.

Erika is also the founder of Tru ~ A Wellness Co. Tru (true) is to bring an object into the exact shape, alignment, or position required. I believe that each twist and turn on my path, did just that– aligned me with my “Tru” passion & purpose. Tru isn’t just a 3-letter word, it’s how I make my products, run my practice, & treat my patients, with Trust, Relationships, & Understanding. I am a wellness professional because it is my passion to help people maintain their health, to help people maintain a balance, & to prevent dis-ease. Every person is different, as is every treatment. I enjoy taking everything I’ve learned to hold space for all Thrive & Tru students and clients.

Summit Circle

Owner: YOU

We Are Seeking The Most Spectacular Studio Owner!

Have you dreamed of owning your own yoga studio, and being a part of a growing, thriving group of yogis?  Learn more about this studio opportunity here.  Want to start the conversation? Contact Brittany using the button below. 

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